Balta, makas, çekiç

"Balta, makas, çekiç" (Tr. Axe, scissors, hammer) is a typological study on three traditional hand tools from Anatolia. Project has intended to identify and classify these tools for future reproduction. Each chapter has hand-drawn specimen illustrations, form, function and tool anatomy informations, morphological comparisons, typological outputs and their downloadable 3D models.

"Balta, makas, çekiç" is printed in a limited run of 200 copies, and it is available in several bookstores in Istanbul. For orders, please contact me.

ISBN: 9786050307764, B/W offset print, 82 pages, 32 illustrations, stitched open-spine, hot-foil embossed hard-cover.

📸Doruk Kumkumoğlu

Featured in: June 2018, Design Unlimited


  • December 2017, Turkish Graphic Designers Association's GMK36 Exhibit
  • February 2017, Corridor Project Space, Amsterdam
  • October 2016, DAS Art Project, Istanbul
  • October 2016, Friday Feeds @ATÖLYE