Balta, makas, çekiç

"Balta, makas, cekic” (Axe, scissors, hammer) is a typological study on three traditional hand tools from Anatolia. Project has intended to identify and classify these tools for future reproduction. Each chapter has hand-drawn specimen illustrations, form, function and tool anatomy informations, morphological comparisons, typological outputs and their downloadable 3D models.

Anatolian region has a long-standing background of diverse cultures and distinctive crafts which has been influenced by their heritage. In present day Turkey, there is a clear disappearance of local crafts and arts by many reasons. From both personal and sociological perspective, the “hand tool” itself is a symbol of the craft. And I decided to conduct an eight-month research, travel and documentation project to evoke interest towards traditional Anatolian hand tools. As an output, I have published "Balta, makas, cekic” (Axe, scissors, hammer). Book has two objectives: First aim is to create a typological outline, defining morphological properties and presenting 3D models to the reader for possible future reproductions of the tools. Second goal is to underline the correlation between the disappearing crafts and their dedicated tools. Due to the absence of any previous research material on the subject, project also identifies these tools, and documents three found specimens in scaled illustrations. Readers may compare their morphological differences by stacking transparent outline pages. As a homage, every illustration is hand-stippled to match the duration of a traditional toolmakers forging process. "Balta, makas, cekic” is printed as an artist book in limited numbers. And the project is featured in a number of publishings and exhibitions.

ISBN: 9786050307764, B/W offset print, 82 pages, 32 illustrations, stitched open-spine, hot-foil embossed hard-cover.

📸Doruk Kumkumoğlu

Featured in: June 2018, Design Unlimited


  • November 2019, FLAT International Art Book Fair, Torino
  • September 2019, 4th Istanbul Photobook Festival
  • April 2019, border_less ART BOOK DAYS, Istanbul
  • December 2017, Turkish Graphic Designers Association's GMK36 Exhibit
  • February 2017, Corridor Project Space, Amsterdam
  • October 2016, DAS Art Project, Istanbul
  • October 2016, Friday Feeds @ATÖLYE