The primary concern was extracting the heavy machinery elements out of the 2015 dated work Fenakistiskop: Istanbul, and making them disguise in the streets of the city. Original graphics were created during the heyday of the mass interest towards Istanbul’s construction boom. Two years after, construction boom still hasn’t slowed down. But people got used to it in time and gradually worsening social incidents. Eventually, Istanbul’s endangered aesthetics were disguised in LED signs which are bright, ugly and bigger than the other shop signs next door.

LED has brought to life in collaboration with Deniz Derbent.

Exhibit: April 2017, Illusionoscope, Gaia Gallery, Istanbul.

📸Doruk Kumkumoğlu, Nazlı Erdemirel

Materials: Sheet steel, aluminum profile, LED module, miscellaneous electronics, miscellaneous hardware, powder coating.

Dimensions: 900x900x10 mm