No. 8

"No. 8" is a kinetic sound installation created within a three-week AltCity Istanbul artist residency program co-held by Zorlu Holding, Digilogue, and British Council.

"No. 8" has eight identical units acting as electromechanical instruments. Units do perform a seesaw motion to generate sounds by friction between their own steel trays and found Istanbul-objects inside. Main inspiration behind the work is the chaotic urban landscape of Istanbul, co-existing and the complexity of randomness.

Their motion is composed by code. During its six minute performance, changes of speed, manipulation of sound and varying vibration can be heard from eight separate channels. Vibrations are captured by condenser microphones mounted directly under the trays, and sound waves are processed live through an eight-channel mixer and speakers. 

"No. 8" has brought to life in collaboration with fellow resident artists Deniz Derbent, Hazal Döleneken, Ege Selçuk, Meltem Şahin and supported by Zorlu Holding, Digilogue, British Council, Quays Culture UK, The Lowry and Squidsoup.

Exhibit: November-December 2017, Across the Line, Digilogue Space @Zorlu Performing Arts Center, Istanbul.

📸Based Istanbul, Ufuk Barış Mutlu

Materials: Eight electromechanical structures (Steel sheet, MDF, DC motor, pulley, open-source microcontroller, miscellaneous electronics, miscellaneous hardware, powder coating, sound equipment, found objects.

Dimensions: 2 m²