Coo Coo Thaumatrope Card

This is Coo Coo Thaumatrope. A printed interpretation of a Victorian era moving image toy. Card is designed as a promotional item and an invitation to a special release event of the alternative rock album Coo Coo by In Hoodies. Album is released by Epic Istanbul and Sony Music Entertainment Turkey. Card is offset printed in B&W and comes with two rubber bands for optical illusion action, a snap-off information section and the animation disc which doubles as a coaster.

"Thaumatrope is a Victorian toy, constructed from a simple disc featuring different images on each side and two pieces of string tied to its opposite edges. What happens when it spins is simple. Pictures change so quickly that our eyes and brain do not have enough time to perceive individual images. Our brain continues to register to the first image when the visual information from the second one arrives. As a result, our brain superimposes two images and creates a merged one. The reality might be different from what we see or what is shown to us. Or what is screened. Just like the very first example of Thaumatrope. If you draw a bird on one side of the card, and a birdcage on the other, you’ll see a caged bird when the disk spins fast enough. Although the bird is not in the cage."

🎵Coo Coo, In Hoodies
📹Doğa Can Sayılkan