Fenakistiskop: Feza* @Sónar+D

*Feza: Space in Turkish.

“Fenakistiskop” is a kinetic light sculpture series, creating a mesmerizing experience by looping animations via persistence of vision and optical illusion principles.

Based on an early moving picture technique, an electromechanical structure is designed to form an “analogue screen” for its subject.Artwork itself is progressive, since the base structure acts as a media player while the animation discs are interchangeable. During Sónar+D Istanbul 2018, six unique Fenakistiskop’s featuring derived content from NASA’s public 3D model archive will be premiered as a experiential tribute to the recent developments in space technology, the age of open source knowledge and as a celebration of humankind’s collective space heritage.

"Fenakistiskop: Feza" has brought to life in collaboration with Deniz Derbent and Erdem Kahraman.

Exhibit: April 2018, Sónar Istanbul, Sónar+D, Zorlu Performing Arts Center, Istanbul.

Special thanks to Digilogue and Zorlu Performing Arts Center for the support.

Materials: HDPE, aluminium, acrylic, stepper motors, open-source microcontroller, miscellaneous electronics, miscellaneous hardware.

Dimensions: 350x350x70 mm per unit.