An analog projector which generates abstract imagery.

A Soviet-made slide projector was placed into a handcrafted case, which emphasises aesthetics and physical production. A transparent disk which has a user defined rotation speed was positioned between the lamp and the lens of the projector. The projected image is being generated by light passing into this modifiable, and reproducible media. Since it is a conceptual project, it represents corrupted educational institutions in addition to the basic principles of cinema, animation and optics. If it is intended to, projected image and the speed of rotation can be quite disturbing.


  • Project '01, Santralistanbul, 2015
  • Made by Makers, Columbia University GSAPP Studio-X Istanbul, 2014
  • Mini Maker Faire Istanbul, 2014

Materials: Plywood, slide projector, optics, electric motor, acrylic, switches, miscellaneous electronics and miscellaneous hardware.

Dimensions: 300x300x420 mm